Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth” > Episode 3 Part 1 Bleeped

Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth” > Episode 3 Part 1 Bleeped
Season 1

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We relentlessly dive into this macabre and surreal film by Spanish director, Guillermo del Toro. Where are you going? Wait, we’re still funny!

Are you ready for ol’ turkey hands? Well, we won’t get there quite yet, but we wanted to give you something to listen to if you still perform the ancient art of Black Friday shopping.

Join us as we discuss our nerd ignorance in foreign cinema, rant about Ophelia’s need for a responsibilibuddy, gush on Doug Jones as the Fawn, and lead into Part 2, where creepy Herculean feats of courage will guide us into encounters with del Toro’s fantastic beasts of a different anthology.

Ready for the scary stuff? We’ll be back on 11/20/18 with Part 2!

Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 3 > Bleeped

Batman Returns Part 3

Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 3 > Bleeped
Season 1

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We conclude our review of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”, including (mostly) everything from the lighting of Gotham’s Christmas tree to the final march of the Penguin.

Cat got your tongue-in-cheek humor? We’ll keep milking our Batman puns right to the very end. We’ll even throw in a horrible Christopher Walken impression and a Rocket Man parody, just to keep it lively.

Want more shock value in the future? Part 1 of Episode 3 releases in just one week, 11/20! Yes, we’re going weekly all the way through the holidays, come snow or creepy circus.

From those of us at Shocked & Applaud, thank you for patroning the peculiar!

Episode 2 Part 3 Releases Tomorrow!


Part 3 of our review of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” releases tomorrow, 11/13!

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re caught up on parts 1 and 2, available through

We’ve already received great feedback and can’t wait to add your tips to future recordings. Also, we’ll be moving to a weekly format starting November 20th, just in time for you to dredge the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend.

Mmmmm … dark meat … Batman’s favorite part of the turkey.


Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 2 > Bleeped

Batman Returns Part 2

Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 2 > Bleeped
Season 1

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In episode two part two, we get cat scratch fever for our review of the second act of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”.

Snoot biting mayoral candidates? We nose them. Salvation by kitty litter? We has it. Keaton brooding over News coverage? It wouldn’t be Batman without bad bro brooding!

Come along with us from the introduction of the Penguin to the public, to the Gotham Christmas tree lighting, by means of a falling Ice Queen’s cold, dead body. Super sick!

Want more? Wheh, wheh, wheh! Sorry, bad penguin impressions … We’ll be back November 13 with part 3!

It’s Editing Day! Yay!

Part 2 Production and Engagement


Thanks for helping to get the Bat Signal on last week while waiting for Part 2 of our review of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”!

Jonathan will be throwing himself into the editing pit this afternoon (OK, we pushed him), to produce Part 2, in preparation for this Tuesday’s release.

We are in full-on squee mode, and can’t wait for you to hear our dive into the Penguin’s journey of self discovery, the coupling of two costumed night creatures, and more than a few rants about the patriarchy.

Just listening and haven’t subscribed?  Go to on your mobile device to pull it up in your preferred Podcasting app!  Then click that subscribe button, because we’ll have Part 3 out before you realize it’s been another two weeks.

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The Shocked & Applaud Team


Blessed to be a Mess

Episode Three Session 2

You might think we have some fancy sound booth, but this nerd den in Naomi’s home in Tacoma is just about all we need to record, before Jonathan makes those dank cuts.

These photos are from Episode 3, which still had plenty of laughter in what is definitely our darkest movie review yet.

Want to know more about how we produce? We’ll have additional content about our wily methods, available on! And if you haven’t marked your calendars: we’re only one week away from Part 2 of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”.

Episode Three Session
Episode Three Session