“Die Hard” > Episode 4 Part 3 > Bleeped

Die Hard Part 3

“Die Hard” > Episode 4 Part 3 > Bleeped
Season 1

00:00 / 37:41

Gruber takes a fall, McClane has a blood-smeared hug with his rescued wife, and more, as we finalize our thoughts on 1988’s blockbuster, “Die Hard”.

We’re all setup to bring you more goodies next year, beginning with Episode 5 on New Years Day, 2019.

“Die Hard” > Episode 4 Part 2 > Bleeped

Die Hard Part 2

“Die Hard” > Episode 4 Part 2 > Bleeped
Season 1

00:00 / 46:42

Do you have what it takes to endure another round of smack talk? Then, saddle up for Part 2 of our review of “Die Hard”!

McClane gets outside help from Powell, Gruber gets coke-inspired advice from a swindler, and we go full-bleep to bring you all the “yippee” and “ki yay” your ear drums can handle.

Can’t wait for more explosive laughter? We’ll conclude this episode with Part 3, in only one week! Yes, that’s Christmas day!

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