Shocked & Applaud

Shocked & Applaud

Shocked and Applaud is a Podcast devoted to an in-depth scene-by-scene analysis (spoilers) of some of the strangest film that is worth a double take. With hosts Naomi McQuade and Lydia Malcolm, co-hosted and produced by Jen McQuade. Movie facts and artwork by Sean Hall.

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Recent Episodes

June 21, 2022

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Part 3: Operation Dino Drop

In true Disney fashion, Baby's dad dies, and is eaten by (American?!) vultures. We get confused over who the real evil scientists are. An indigenous tribe takes down an entire militia. And, an herbivore mommy dino gets a crav...

June 14, 2022

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Part 2: A Dino Ain't Your Baby

George gets marital advice from Kenge the pilot to "whip that b-word". Well, it is a Disney movie, after all. We eventually get dinosaurs in this dinosaur movie. And who doesn't love tricking infants into believing you're th...

June 07, 2022

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Part 1: Not the Mamma

We love the smell of campy dino movies with themes of war and colonialism in the morning! If you've seen this movie before, you know this is going to be an interesting ride into the jungle of your memory. If you've never seen...

May 24, 2022

Doom Patrol Part 3: Nobody Nowhere None of the Time

This week, we're discussing S1 E14, "Penultimate Patrol"! We'll discuss the origin story of Mister Nobody, introduce you to our favorite character, "Danny the Street", and dive deeper into motivations of Elasti-Girl and Jane....

May 17, 2022

Doom Patrol Part 2: Flex On, Flex Off

The first episode we're discussing is S1 E13, "Flex Patrol"! We'll take a few moments to catch you up on the season, discuss how the "Department of Normalization" reflects some current events, and find out which characters we...

May 10, 2022

Doom Patrol Part 1: The Best X-Men Pageant Ever

Let's join forces (your ears and our opinions) for something amazing and peculiar! This part is so huge, we won't even discuss the plot for either episode we're reviewing this month. Lydia helps bring us into non-theatrical e...