Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 2 > Bleeped

Batman Returns Part 2

Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 2 > Bleeped
Season 1

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In episode two part two, we get cat scratch fever for our review of the second act of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”.

Snoot biting mayoral candidates? We nose them. Salvation by kitty litter? We has it. Keaton brooding over News coverage? It wouldn’t be Batman without bad bro brooding!

Come along with us from the introduction of the Penguin to the public, to the Gotham Christmas tree lighting, by means of a falling Ice Queen’s cold, dead body. Super sick!

Want more? Wheh, wheh, wheh! Sorry, bad penguin impressions … We’ll be back November 13 with part 3!

It’s Editing Day! Yay!

Part 2 Production and Engagement


Thanks for helping to get the Bat Signal on last week while waiting for Part 2 of our review of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”!

Jonathan will be throwing himself into the editing pit this afternoon (OK, we pushed him), to produce Part 2, in preparation for this Tuesday’s release.

We are in full-on squee mode, and can’t wait for you to hear our dive into the Penguin’s journey of self discovery, the coupling of two costumed night creatures, and more than a few rants about the patriarchy.

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Blessed to be a Mess

Episode Three Session 2

You might think we have some fancy sound booth, but this nerd den in Naomi’s home in Tacoma is just about all we need to record, before Jonathan makes those dank cuts.

These photos are from Episode 3, which still had plenty of laughter in what is definitely our darkest movie review yet.

Want to know more about how we produce? We’ll have additional content about our wily methods, available on shockedandapplaud.com! And if you haven’t marked your calendars: we’re only one week away from Part 2 of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”.

Episode Three Session
Episode Three Session


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Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 1 > Bleeped

Batman Returns Part One

Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” > Episode 2 Part 1 > Bleeped
Season 1

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In Episode 2 Part 1, we take a deep dive into the darkness with our film review of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”.

In almost a self-sacrificing length of time, we’ll batarang you through every emo-glittered tapestry, up to Selena’s Bad Fur Day.  Trust us, she doesn’t handle it well.

Want more?  Purrrfect.  We’ll be back October 30th with Part 2!


Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” > Episode 1 Part 1 > Bleeped

Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” > Episode 1 Part 1 > Bleeped
Season 1

00:00 / 40:04

Hey girl, get caught up! If you haven’t yet heard Episode 1, then here’s our film review and hunt down of factoids. Join us for dinner and dress-up as we tear into the first act of Kevin Smith’s “Tusk”!

We invite you to waltz into the life of Wallace, a shock-podder with straight up character fatigue, as he struts his statehood up north to investigate the whereabouts of the mysterious one-legged “Kill Bill Kid”.

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