April 11, 2023

Sailor Moon R: The Movie Part 1: Plant One On Me

Sailor Moon R: The Movie Part 1: Plant One On Me
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It's not our first anime review, but the stars have aligned, and it's that time again! Let's discuss how we came to know the movie and series, and begin discussing the plot of "Sailor Moon R: The Movie", an animated film released in 1993 based on the popular anime and manga series.

Fiore has come to Earth seeking a powerful crystal known as the "Cosmic Heart", which he believes belongs to his childhood friend, Mamoru (also known as Tuxedo Mask), who is now Sailor Moon's boyfriend. The team must fight Fiore and his minions to protect the Cosmic Heart and save Mamoru from being destroyed by Fiore's power.

We'll delve into the themes of love, loyalty, and sacrifice that are prevalent in the movie, why this was one of Lydia's favorite childhood throwbacks, as well as the differences between the dubbed and subbed versions.

We'll also have Sean Facts and the most difficult box office estimation in the history of the podcast, as we try to guess the numbers in Yen!

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