May 10, 2022

Doom Patrol Part 1: The Best X-Men Pageant Ever

Doom Patrol Part 1: The Best X-Men Pageant Ever
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Let's join forces (your ears and our opinions) for something amazing and peculiar! This part is so huge, we won't even discuss the plot for either episode we're reviewing this month.

Lydia helps bring us into non-theatrical entertainment for the second time -- "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", also her choice last December, was our very first.  But this month is definitely something new, as we cover two great episodes from "Doom Patrol" season 1 -- our first venture into discussions of a serialized streaming show. 

We'll tell how we first came to the show, discuss the characters in tons of detail, and bring Sean Facts into the mix for trivia and laughs. 

Jen's recommendations this week:

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