A Love Letter to Stories

My Dearest Stories; 

How long has it been since we first met? Truly, I can’t remember the first time we took to the space of the mind to form an experience out of the world we were left in. Your beautiful prose flew my spirit to another realm of emotions giving me a way to think and grow outside of making real world mistakes with real people that I would have spent my real-life regretting.  

Stories about small people over coming impossible odds or that love and hope conquers all. Then they morph into something more complex and nuanced that, if you are paying attention, reflect the world we all live in. A story starts to form in my life about personal villains whose reason seem sound on the surface until you dig just a little deeper. Or how the hero can turn into the villain so quickly unless they do pay attention. 

These are the stories that help shape who I am and who I want to be. They come in all forms and use different language to convey a feeling or many feelings in their single work. I hold them in my heart. They remind me of Home and the comfort I seek when I am away. 

Thank you, my lovely Stories. You have sharpened my mind with your complexity and strength my conviction. I will forever be grateful for the moments you gave me. 

 Forever in Love, 


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