Shocked & Applaud

Good take on classic cinema

Such a wonderful podcast that really (really!) dives in depth into film, with enthusiasm that is easy to feel. The banter between the three hosts brings a level of excitement and humor to the analysis, going into the specific plot beats and discussing that at length. However instead of being overly critical, they are enthusiastic.

My first episode of theirs was their discussion on Night of the Living Dead (which has yet to conclude). Here I was presented with an excellent discussion on the circumstances around the production of the film and how they themselves appreciate the film on its own merits, reflecting upon their own experiences - recalling a humorous story about how a group of Church kids weren't thrilled with it. This level of energy and fun is present throughout the entire series: a three parter! I feel like I have gotten my fill of a film I haven't seen for years. Highly recommend!

Aug. 23, 2020 by Justin NJABC on Apple Podcasts

Shocked & Applaud