Listener Update for December 24, 2108

Hey Applauders!

As we close out the end of our first year together, we wanted to take some time to thank you for your continued listening and patronage. So … thanks, for making our first season of off-color reviews in subversive film and media so worth it!

Best all-time listens: Guillermo del Toro’s “Pans Labyrinth”

“Pan’s Labyrinth” felt like an odd choice to review into Thanksgiving and early December, but you warmed up to the novelty of two American white girls drowning in Spanish subtext.

We had some Applauders come back to listen a few times. And, admittedly, we were right there with you, downloading and playing along with our cold, wet commutes.  Christine also became our first $5 Applauder on Patreon on Small Business Saturday.

This review continues to be tracked as the highest played episode this season.

Best audience lift and attracting new listeners: “Die Hard”

Even though we didn’t hit our listener numbers as … hard … in “Die Hard”, we gained some new listeners, who continue to come back and stay active each week.

“Die Hard” was our first episode with some new recording hardware, purchased by Jim, who donated to our show via our Amazon wish list.  The recording hardware allowed Jonathan to edit Naomi and Lydia’s audio independently, helping to reduce background noise, and giving our show a much needed boost in quality.

Best supporting Applauders

We were lighter on our own status updates this month than in the past (hey, it’s December). But, we had higher “sharing” and “liking” from friends like Jean and Sean on Facebook. These shares drew in new views to our site and Facebook page. Christine, our first $5 Patreon Applauder, also helped spread the word.

What’s in 2019?

As Jonathan may be finding full-time work outside of the show, we may begin hiring outside freelancers to help produce each monthly episode. We promise to bring you the same quality that Jonathan has continued to reach each week.

We also may have opportunities in the first few months of the new year to purchase Search Engine ad space. This will help us to increase our reach and find new Patreon Applauders to support the show and keep advertising out of our own content.

Jonathan, Naomi and Lydia are also brainstorming ways to bring you more as a Patreon subscriber in 2019, including blog articles from Lydia and short TV episode reviews with Naomi and Jonathan.

What can you do to support the show?

Please continue to listen each week! We’re dedicated to bringing you back for more outrageous analysis and fantastic factoids.

Like, share, mention us, and review us on iTunes. Your review on a Podcast network greatly boosts our chances of being featured on a homepage or in specific categories. Being featured is a podcaster’s equivalent of winning the lottery.

We can’t stop thanking you!

In January, expect us to continue our gratefulness for being a part of this ever-growing, peculiarly poignant podcast! You’re fabulous and we enjoy bringing you the goods.

Happy New Year!

The Shocked & Applaud Team

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