Oct. 13, 2020

(Explicit) Craft Services Table: That's Basically the 80's

(Explicit) Craft Services Table: That's Basically the 80's

This week, Jen introduces you to Chris and Corey in "That's Basically the 80s". Here's a preview of their episode covering "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Please be aware that this episode has explicit content.

You can find more episodes of "That's Basically the 80s" on the homepage at https://anchor.fm/thatsbasicallythe80s

A little about "That's Basically the 80s": Join Chris and Corey on a journey through the 80s. This is not your typical nostalgia binge, this is an off-topic, deep dive into absurd ideas and made up stories that occasionally comes up for air from time to time. The title of the podcast says it all, the stories told in this podcast are "basically" the 80s.

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